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The End of the Quick Fix Series

It is the end of February, which means it is also the end of our Quick Fix series. Over the past month we have given you tips to increase the value of your home. Today, we are going to recap some of those tips to make sure you are able gain the maximum value of our Quick Fix series.

Quick Fix #1
Our first Modern Group quick fix blog was about hardwood floors and how to replace pieces that are severely damaged. We used a video from the DIY network and listed out a step-by-step guide of how to make your hardwood floors look brand new. The quick fix tip to remember is that updated hardwood floors can give a house a whole new look and truly maximize your re-sale value while damaged or worn down hardwood floors can completely diminish your houses value.

Quick Fix #2
Our second quick fix featured which room in your house can make you the most money if you choose to remodel. Below is an actual guide you can look up to see the price per project by state. It will tell you by state what the average cost of each individual remodel project is and the average amount it will increase the value of your home. From this tip, we learned that the attic was the room that yielded the best return on investment based on how much it would cost to remodel.










Quick Fix #3

In the third quick fix, we wanted to give our readers easy fixes to tackle over the weekend that could lead to “Big Bucks” if they decide to sell later. These weekend fixes not only add value to your house but also help your house stay updated and looking new. Here were 5 favorite weekend quick fixes:

  1. Painting the front door
  2. Adding a colorful accent wall in one of the main rooms of the house
  3. Fixing broken light fixtures or changing dim or dull light bulbs
  4. Fixing or adding new bathroom fixtures
  5. Organizing your garage for better curb appeal

These are simple, yet frugle projects that can add value to your house and daily life. Having a dash of yellow in your kitchen can make a gloomy morning more bright. Different colors in your house can alter your mood, how much you eat and set the tone of the room. Use some of these quick fixes this weekend!

Quick Fix #4

The fourth quick fix was a step-by-step guide on how to frame a full bathroom wall mirror. This quick fix can be a great weekend project as well. It does take a little extra time, so be sure to plan accordingly. Framing the mirror enhances basic wall minor and adds detail to the overall look of the bathroom. Here is a great before-and-after picture of how much style it can add to your bathroom.








Quick Fix #5

Quick fix number five was how to rejuvenate your living room. The living room in your house is most likely the biggest and most used room in your house. Recovering or buying couch covers can help your couches last longer and look like new. Another way to spice up your living room is to add a pop of color as an accent wall. Below is a living room that added some creative flare with a striped accent wall and used a decorative mirror to mask the dull white walls and give the room a whole new look.









Quick Fix #6

Our last quick fix was how to change and update your fireplace. A fireplace can be a great way to add value to your home. If you don’t have one in your house, adding one can increase the sale price of your house in the long run. If you live in an older house that has had the same fireplace since the 1970’s think about using our quick fixes to upgrade your fireplace. Look at the picture below and think about it from the buyer’s perspective.











If you see the old fireplace in a grand living room with all new furniture and accessories, you would still think twice about the room because of the outdated and old looking fireplace. If your fireplace at all resembles the top picture, it is time for a change.

By planning ahead and taking one quick fix project at a time your house can be like-new, in no time. Plan on doing one of our smaller quick fixes every other month. This will ensure your house is updated, organized and truly showcases the value of the home. Do a larger scale quick fix biannually. Larger projects will, in the long run, will be well worth the time and effort.

If you decide to implement one of our quick fixes be sure to take a before and after picture and post it on our Facebook wall. We would love to see and share what projects you’re doing around the house. If quick fixes aren’t your thing call us to help upgrade your house. We do small and large remodel projects. Check out our website for photos of past projects and services we offer.




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